Products and Services

Strategic Leadership

Our team has significant experience in providing strategic leadership in private, public and not-for-profit organisations. We can help support you in this area by:

Facilitating strategic visioning and plan development with boards, executive teams and leadership teams
Developing and implementing business planning processes in conjunction with internal and external stakeholders
Developing and implementing effective stakeholder relationship management frameworks to support organisations in achieving their goals

Business Transformation

We have a proven record of delivering complex projects and programmes within budget and to agreed timeframes. We can:      

Work with you to identify areas of change and develop effective change management programmes

Lead and implement major change programmes, including IT and service delivery

Develop and implement human resource management strategies

Lead and implement end-to-end business process reviews

Performance Improvement

We can help your organisation achieve performance improvement by:

Developing performance excellence frameworks and tools to support organisations achieve sustainable high performance
Providing corporate finance skills and driving positive fiscal outcomes
Providing training in Business Excellence methodologies
Supporting applications for performance assessments and excellence awards

Service Delivery

We have vast experience in the delivery of cost efficient and effective services in large-scale national organisations. Our services include:

Developing and implementing operational policy systems and processes
Building measurement frameworks to support and track business performance
Providing advice and support on the management of complex stakeholder and shareholder relationships, including the management of high risk/profile issues
Providing team building advice and services

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